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ServiceElements International Inc. is an organizational and people development company serving the Aerospace and Business and General Aviation Industry since 2003. ServiceElements offers open enrollment and customized (company/organization specific) training, consulting, and coaching in person or live, virtually via Zoom. Investing in your people pays for itself and more!

Industry Expertise

Experienced Facilitators from all corners of business aviation, adept at consulting, coaching, and facilitating experiential learning.


Onsite and Online programs designed to address your organization’s needs and goals, scheduled on your timeline.

Growing Your People

Training increases efficiencies and team bonds and reduces anxiety and stress. People development is about empowering people and freeing up time.

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Upcoming Open Enrollment Sessions:

One-week, virtual workshops unless otherwise indicated


  • 3/1 Value Proposition:  Battling Complacency to Up Your Customer Service Game
  • 3/8 LIVE 3-Day, On-Site Leadership Elements for Aviation Professionals – FlightSafety DFW
  • 3/15 Leadership 2021: Retaining and Developing Your People in Uncertain Times
  • 3/17 Ninety-Minute Sales Review: Sharpen Your Hunting Skills (1-Session)
  • 3/22 No Excuse Sales: Finding and Seizing Opportunities


  • 4/12 Value Proposition:  Professionalism and the Art of Serving Elite Clientele
  • 4/12-4/29 Leadership Elements For Aviation Professionals (in partnership with FlightSafety) – 3 Week
  • 4/14  Ninety-Minute Sales Review: Sharpen Your Hunting Skills (1-Session)
  • 4/19 No Excuse Sales: Shortening the Sales Cycle
  • 4/26 Highly Effective Teams: Building a culture of Ownership, Initiative, and Co-accountability


  • 5/3 Value Proposition:  Managing Your Customers Effectively
  • 5/10 Highly Effective Teams At Work – Remote & Global Teams
  • 5/12 Ninety-Minute Sales Review: Sharpen Your Hunting Skills (1-Session)
  • 5/17 No Excuse Sales: Influence and Negotiation


  • 6/7 Value Proposition:  Upping Your Internal & External Customer Service Game
  • 6/7-6/24 Leadership Elements For Aviation Professionals (in partnership with FlightSafety) – 3 Week
  • 6/14 Servant Leadership & Growing the Talent You Intend to Keep
  • 6/23  Ninety-Minute Sales Review: Sharpen Your Hunting Skills (1-Session)

ServiceElements is available for:

Keynote addresses, safety standdowns, and presentations at regional events
Bob Hobbi

Bob Hobbi

President & CEO

Email: Bhobbi@serviceelements.com

Lisa Archambeau

Lisa Archambeau

Vice President, Facilitator & Strategist

Email: Larch@serviceelements.com

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There is a direct correlation between good leaders and employee retention. With our Leadership programs, both current and future leaders will learn values based leadership skills with techniques for building a culture of safety and service. Foster engagement, ownership and co-accountability, breaking down silos and other barriers to success.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Upping your customer service game

Refocus on the value proposition you offer your customers to help you elevate your internal and external customer service. Our programs introduce techniques to improve communication and professionalism to truly “wow” your customers. Discover methods to effectively manage your customers, including difficult situations and personalities to create positive customer experiences.

No Excuse Sales

No Excuse Sales

Stop selling and start problem solving. Our Sales programs help you increase sales and shorten sales cycles by more efficiently understanding and addressing each customer’s needs. Learn to build effective professional relationships that produce winning results for both sides. Sharpen your approach and skills with techniques for stage setting, building rapport, and negotiating.

Highly Effective Teams

Highly Effective Teams

With teams, performance (good or bad) is contagious. A culture of initiative, ownership, and co-accountability is the key to success. Our Teamwork programs focus on these principles as well as mutualism, motivations, and a strengths based approach to team building to challenge participants to think differently about teams and how they work.

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