ServiceElements is an organizational and people development company.

We help individuals, businesses and teams improve their performance and skills utilizing Workshops, Training, Consulting and Coaching Programs.

Our programs are designed for each segment of the industry and address specific issues and topics related to those segments. We have developed modules for coaching, workshops and scenario/simulated based training. Our programs include the following topics:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Supervisory and Lead
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Human Factors
  • Communications
  • Netiquette
  • Team work
  • Phone Etiquette

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Reminding Ourselves That We Are In The People Business

These times are very personal for all of us – our staff, customers and families. Leadership will play a pivotal role. We will get through this and when we do, people will not remember what was done but how it was done.  Employees will remember how they were treated by their companies and managers during…

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How good are YOU with names? Sharpen your skills in time for upcoming bizav conferences!

National Business Aviation Association conference season is underway, providing great opportunities to gain important industry knowledge and to network.  But with it comes the challenge of remembering the names of the numerous people we meet.  Are you good with names? Read Entire Article

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The Illusion of Communication

By Lisa Archambeau   “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw   Think of the many barriers to communication in our industry:  Physiological – bizav is full of loud environments like the ramp and static-filled headsets where it’s hard to hear and be heard. …

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