About Us

ServiceElements International Inc. is an organizational Culture Development company focusing on behavioral and Interpersonal advancement. SEI works with organizations from all corners of the industry to help elevate the power of excellent service within companies as well as their individual divisions, departments, and other organizational teams. SEI has 10 years of experience within the industry and it has helped many of their customers realign and improve customer service. ServiceElements™ has composed and designed a variety of methods to work with people to help them achieve higher performance levels while having fun at work. SEI utilizes, customized workshops, coaching, webinars and now eLearning.

ServiceElements™ typically establishes long-term relationships with its clients, investing significant time upfront in understanding a company, its needs and concerns, the customers it serves and, most importantly, getting to know its people.

Our Company

Based on this level of comfort and familiarity, ServiceElements™ is able to develop programs that provide a “whole-company” approach in addressing service delivery issues at both the employee and organizational levels of a company.

The ideas and theories behind ServiceElements™ are common sense and intuitive. However, there are two maladies that hinder organizations from reaching their potential:

Idea #1:Companies and the people within them know the things they should be doing, but they do not do them on a consistent basis.

Idea #2:Companies and the people within them know the things they should NOT be doing, but they continue to do them on a consistent basis.

Success is guaranteed for those people and organizations who avoid these maladies. ServiceElements™ acts as a bridge between knowing what we should be doing and actually doing it by building a service culture (through training, coaching, service audits, etc.) where EVERYONE “gets it” by nurturing and growing three critical ingredients: commitment, attitude and action.