A Note From the President

ServiceElements can work with your company in many different ways. Many companies come to us for our highly customized solutions for achieving superior service levels throughout their organization. Others benefit from our other high impact programs including seminars, keynote speaking, consulting, coaching services and more.

Regardless of program, ServiceElements will embrace your company, from senior executives to employees, to inspire, motivate and ultimately integrate superior service as a part of your corporate values and culture.

Most companies in the “service improvement” industry want to focus on just your frontline people with a generic customer service seminar – and then they’re gone.

Improving service levels affects everyone. It goes well beyond the interactions with customers and reaches into the organization itself where departments are often working in “silos” and agendas are not aligned in a manner that would support continuous service improvement. A unifying vision and help in developing a roadmap for achieving that vision are often needed.

John F. Kennedy’s call in the early ’60’s for America to put a man on the moon is a good example. There were many transactions that had to occur – technical, political, financial etc., before this could come to fruition. President Kennedy did not produce a step-by-step policy manual on how to get it done. He created a vision and left it up to those under his command to work out how it was going to be done. That vision along with the transactions lead to a transformation when Neil Armstrong took his “giant leap for mankind” before the decade was over.

ServiceElements can provide that vision and roadmap by which your company can implement the step-by-step processes that will result in superior levels of service.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.


Bob Hobbi
President and CEO
ServiceElements International, Inc.