What Our Clients Say

ServiceElements is proud of the many relationships that it has built over the years with its small, medium and large international corporate clients. The company’s success in bringing new standards to the customer service industry are reflected in the many comments we receive back from our clients – including those below:

Don Joseph

Aircraft Services Network, Inc.

Thank you for your presentation “Enhancing Flight Department & Business Aircraft Value”. Most impressive as it really comes down to the people value and you expressed that in your enthusiasm. I viewed some of the articles you have written on your web site and there is a treasure chest of information in your words. I learned a great deal from you about Service and the Elements behind what makes that great!

Ken Forester

CEO, Meridian

After twenty successful years as a franchisee in the Milion Air chain, we have decided to combine our FBO, charter, aircraft management, and jet maintenance division under the Meridian brand. The thread that binds us together is a culture of customer service excellence. We are confident that our partnership with ServiceElements will help us to insure that we consistently deliver a truly extraordinary experience, leaving our customers welcomed, well cared for, and confident that they made a smart choice.

David Poltorak

VP Business Aviation Services, ARINC, Inc.

The workshops were really well done and to the point. It highlighted many things that we take for granted in handling our everyday service experiences.

Jim Taylor

Chief Pilot, Limited Brands

This is a great program. No one has ever done this in aviation. It is essential in our industry and we are going to be a continuing customer of ServiceElements.

Mike Wittman

CEO, Pacific Coast Forecasting

This is the best program we have ever had. ServiceElements was able to work with us and create a program which fits our needs and our customers. We have seen amazing results. I would recommend it to anyone in any business. These folks have something very special.

John Langevin

Senior VP and General Manager, Jet Aviation

We took Ritz Carlton’s training program eighteen months ago and the ServiceElements program is by far more focused and productive.

Some Comments from Workshop Participants:

Based on all the feedback that I have heard, the presentation was superior, the messages were on point, and overall this was not only a home run, it was a GRAND SLAM!
Your message was extremely clear and on point for this audience.
The discussion of teamwork in your presentations resonated with everyone and is obviously an area where growth is possible.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

The best tool that I received from this workshop is experiences that the facilitator gave as examples and how to manage them. With this method you can retain the information better.

Flight Attendant

I liked the fact that it was very interactive and that the facilitator listened to all the participants and enhanced their information.

Customer Service Manager, FBO and Charter Management Facility

Touched on everyday challenges and more. Very exciting!

Chief Pilot – Flight Department

It reminded me that the customer is the reason we are here.

Assistant Chief Inspector, FBO

The facilitator has a very interesting way in facilitating the message. Thank you for getting to know the FBO’s prior to seminars.

Line Service Professional

All areas discussed are important and all companies need to focus more on customer service. CUSTOMERS ARE THE ONLY REASON WE ARE IN BUSINESS!


Learned a lot about how to deal with angry customers. “I used to hate them”, now I know they are the best customer.

Line Service Supervisor, FBO in Carribbean

Very clear expressing every point and facilitator really put himself in the employee’s shoes. The ServiceElements facilitator made the workshop really interesting. I could easily take another workshop with him.

Maintenance Professional

The ServiceElements presentation was very interesting because you get very deep in details about what customer service is all about.

Charter Sales Representative

The ServiceElements presentation was very effective at stimulating more complex thinking.

National Sales Manager, NE FBO

The exercises forced us to think outside of the box.

Senior Account Representative, Spares Department

Time flew by! The fascilitator brought us all into the topics. I took notes and will put the ServiceElements book in my desk bookshelf!

Help Desk Representative, Call Center

Most interesting part was how easy customer service can be and it should be practiced everyday.

Field Tech Representative, Major NE OEM

The workshop was very helpful. It opened my mind to what customer service really is.