Safety Standdown 2017 – sponsored by Bombardier….ServiceElements’ Keynote: “Balancing Safety and Service” AND Breakout Session “Organizational Resource Management and Teams in Aviation”

Safety Standdown promotes knowledge-based aviation safety training along with personal discipline and responsibility as essential elements of aviation professionalism and safety. Safety Standdown is a global, year round program. Bombardier initiated and continues to sponsor the Standdown, directing its effort to the entire aviation community, regardless of the specific aircraft you operate or help maintain. Want to learn more?

The aviation safety training seminars are free and open to all pilots, crewmembers, maintenance technicians and managers regardless of aircraft or manufacturer, on a first-come, first-served basis. They are not marketing events; there is nothing to buy. And the only thing being sold is a sincere effort to initiate and sustain positive changes in individual aviation safety behavior and increased professionalism in creating an aviation safety culture.

Safety Standdown relies exclusively on aviation safety subject-matter experts presenting both timeless and timely information on a wide range of professional topics relating human performance to aviation safety. Our carefully selected presenters will help change the way you think about aviation safety. Expect to come away from a Safety Standdown with effective new tools to reduce aviation safety risks, improve procedures and processes and deliver explicit methods for improving personal situational awareness and judgment. This focus on the human factor in aviation safety serves as a vital, indispensable and previously underemphasized complement to traditional skills-based training.