Competitive Strategies for Client Services
Posted: 3/11/2018


How Charter and Aircraft Management companies can leverage Service to improve their business performance.


Air Charter and Aircraft Management have been continually becoming more and more competitive. In some areas and market segments, Air Charter is seeing rapid growth as demand increases.  In other areas, fierce competition is causing rate wars and margin decline. As growth continues, Charter and Management companies are trying to become more innovative. All the while new ones keep popping up and as result clients have more choices and options.  How do you create your own unique brand and niche? Price is relevant for commodities, aircraft choice and locations are also important, but more frequently, it is the service experience that encourages repeat business and sets your organization apart from the others. However, there is no ‘one fit all’ service experience; every customer is different and every Part 135 operator can provide a unique and different customer experience and have satisfied, repeat clients.


We all have an idea what customer service means and maybe even what it looks like.  Many companies know they need to, and should, improve their level of service; but How? What does service excellence really mean? How do you raise that bar, know what your customers want and need, and be able to deliver a personalized customer experience, build strong relationships with your clients and develop deep customer loyalty?  How do you balance aircraft owner demands with charter customers? As we all know, flights can be delayed because of weather, ATC, maintenance issues etc., and we often assume that safety issues limit the service we can provide. Additionally, we are all human and mistakes do happen, leading to angry customers, upset team members and poor outcomes.  There are so many factors which can stress the relationship between charter management companies and their clients. Providing outstanding customer service and delivering on expectations will help build lasting relationships and loyalty in times of stress, or when things go wrong.


Recognizing these challenges, NATA has partnered with ServiceElements to develop a workshop specifically for charter management personnel to address their unique challenges, and to focus on how charter management companies can raise their level of service.  This program, Competitive Strategies for Client Services Workshop, will provide you with the knowledge and resources you, and your team, need to be able to understand your customers better, define what they need and want, and know how to provide them with a superior experience and set your organization apart.


This workshop, led by ServiceElements will offer hands-on learning through scenario simulations, group exercises, and discussions.  Emphasis is put on sharing of information and ideas in this open, non-competitive, learning environment. Each organization is unique and each one creates results based on its own specific business and goals, customers and tteam members. The goal is not to train you or provide you with a scripted format with rules on customer interactions.  Instead, this program will have you thinking, becoming imaginative in recognizing opportunities and listening to your team members and customers.   You will learn about creating value within and outside your organization, unique to your operation and goals. You will learn to develop tools which you can take back to work and begin using immediately to improve communication with your team and your customers.  If as an industry we can help to elevate service and value, it will benefit us all.


This two day seminar will include the following session topics:

  • Modern Day Customer Expectations in Business Aviation
    We’ll explore the challenges in business aviation today, how the industry is changing and what that means for Charter and Management Providers
  • What is a Customer in your organization?
    Do you know who your customers and who your potential customers are and what they want and don’t want?  We’ll work, together on introducing and exploring methods to better understand our customers.
  • Internal Customer Service (Internal Team Work)
    An unhappy team or poor communication within your organization can lead to drama, conflict, disengaged employees and poor service.  Without team work and everyone on the same page, we all lose.  We’ll talk about the role of a team and how we must all focus our efforts and learning to achieve superior customer service.
  • The Role of Professional Telephone Interaction/Call Management
    In the absence of a face to face environment, communication over the phone can become difficult.  Tone of voice conveys most of the message and we’ll look into how to handle these telephone interactions confidently and successfully
  • Organizational Resource Management (ORM) and Communication
    ORM is an extension of CRM, MRM and DRM to cover everyone in the workplace.  It is a recognition that everyone has a role to play in the success of a mission and the organization – not just the crew or technicians. ORM focuses on enhancing safety and service via teamwork.  This topic will address communication and its value in teamwork and improving individual and team performance.
  • Balancing Daily Work Functions and Service Delivery in Business Aviation
    Do you find yourself spending much of your day dealing with routine tasks or ‘fighting fires’?  Sometimes, just getting through the day, resolving these issues and checking off items on the to do list uses all our energy.  Have you stopped and considered the value of this time and whether these tasks were valuable in strengthening the team, serving customers or growing your organization?  We’ll review how we can manage our time and put value into where it counts.
  • Expectation Management – Being Prepared
    Understanding and meeting, or even better, exceeding customer expectations is key to customer satisfaction.  We’ll explore how customer expectations arise, and how you can know, plan for and influence these expectations in order to deliver outstanding service to your customers.
  • Dealing with Awkward and Difficult Customer Interactions / Managing and Working with Difficult and Demanding Customers
    This part of the workshop will focus on these difficult interactions and dealing with angry and upset customers.  We’ll explore what leads to these situations and provide you with the resources you need to be able to proactively manage these interactions and use these to your advantage. We’ll also discuss and simulate reactiveness.
  • Customer Management; How to Say “No
    We find ourselves often having to say ‘no’ to customers whether it is due to maintenance, weather, resource limitations or even our own errors.  Here we’ll provide you with tips and tools to address these challenges, deliver options and continue to provide a positive customer service experience.
  • Netiquette – Communicating Effectively
    Few of us have ever been trained in writing emails or any written communication.  Emails can so often be misinterpreted.  We’ll discuss when it is and, is not, the right time to use email or text or other communication methods. We’ll work on basic rules in using email and written communication effectively.


During every stage of this unique workshop, the learning experience will be reinforced by simulations, exercises and discussions.  You will leave this workshop feeling confident about what service excellence looks like in your organization, ways you can strengthen your team communication and synergy, and how to take your organization to a new level to exceed your customers’ expectations and deliver a competitive edge.


Come join us on April 3rd and 4th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, or on April 10th and 11th in Van Nuys, CA. This will be a lot of fun with great outcomes for individuals and organizations.