Fast Five Interview
Posted: 9/27/2019

Interview By William Garvey  

Questions for Bob Hobbi 



How did you get involved in coaching and organization development?

Hobbi: At one point during my years at FlightSafety I was put in charge of the company’s several hundred people involved in scheduling, accounting and other customer handling functions at its various centers and at headquarters. These were the people who, in addition to the instructor corps, actually interacted with the customers. I got that assignment because I had a knack and passion for identifying and resolving issues. My unofficial title was “The Fixer” and that part of the organization needed those talents. I started to reshape the way our customers were handled and began by rebranding those colleagues under “Customer Support” at each center. It dawned on me then that while we and the business aviation industry as a whole was technically proficient — we knew what we were doing — but there existed serious deficiencies on the people side. That’s when I started training people and ultimately put together a team of eight.



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