For The Love of Company-Employee Engagement
Posted: 4/22/2010

More about Employee Engagement…

For the last several years, employee engagement has been a critically important business topic. The results are worrisome, however: the results from numerous studies have discovered that only 30% of today’s employees are fully engaged at work. (Gallup, 2008) (BlessingWhite, 2008) (Towers Perrin, 2007 – 2008).  As the workplace becomes more blended across generations, different perceptions and expectations present challenges to employee engagement.   Absolute solutions to improve engagement remain under investigation, but many researchers agree on a few things:

  • The nature of the job, or a portion of it, has to be mentally challenging and innovative to the employee—the good news is that there is a person who finds challenge and innovation in every job you can think of!
  • Employees must understand the big picture: How does their work relate and contribute to the company’s performance and results? How does their work contribute to the goals the company seeks to achieve?
  • Future opportunities for growth and career development and learning must exist.
  • Direct relationship with one’s manager is critical.  Trust is a key element.
  • Engaged employees out perform employees who are not engaged.
  • Employee engagement levels have a direct relationship on Customer Satisfaction.
  • Managers who coach effectively enhance employee engagement.