Raising Scholarships with SoCal Aviation Association Workshop March 12, 2015
Posted: 6/15/2016

You’re invited to a unique professional training opportunity with ServiceElements, a renowned organizational development company. We are helping SoCal Aviation Association raise money for aviation scholarships by offering these workshops. 

Two half-day workshops will be offered at an 80% savings to SCAA members!

When: March 12, 2015

Where: Courtyard by Marriott, Santa Ana/ Orange County
8 MacArthur Place, Santa Ana, CA 92707 | (714) 668-9993 | www.marriott.com/snaog

Session 1: 8:00am – 12:00pm Breakfast included


In today’s competitive environment, aviation service providers (Pilots, Schedulers and Dispatchers, Engineers, Technicians, Inspectors, Line Service, Executive, Managers, Supervisors and other Industry Professionals) know and understand that, secondary to flight safety, providing outstanding service is a make or break factor for their organization’s long term success. Yet many of us are puzzled by the constraints that are imposed upon our ability to provide good service by what seems to be a barrage of rules, regulations and laws.

Safety and security are an important part of our services. Customers, undoubtedly, want to be safe and secure.  Most customers insist on it, and it is the unspoken expectation. So, why not integrate safety and security into the service package? Then market, present and deliver it as an offering on our menu of services. This program will help service providers recognize how to balance all the variables of safety and security when delivering value to their customers/users/passengers.

Session 2: 1:00pm – 5:00pm Lunch included


Organizations that do not continue growing and adapting to all of our industry changes become stagnant and lose their value to their users. Exceptional service delivery means a continuous quest to improve your organization’s knowledge of its cultural strengths and opportunities. This knowledge lets you capitalize on the positives while improving and encouraging innovation. Being proactive, creative and flexible/ready for change, when considering your customers/users/ passengers needs equates to happy customers. This also equals job security and career growth. There are many alternatives for our customers and passengers. Do not be the one that ‘used’ to be the #1 choice. This program will share tools and techniques that will help you in developing specific short and long term strategies and actions required to keep your organization’s culture strong, healthy and the competition in the rear view mirror.

About ServiceElements

ServiceElements helps individuals, businesses and teams improve their performance and skills utilizing Workshops, Training, Consulting and Coaching Programs. Their team of trainers, Facilitators and Coaches are all professionals with intimate knowledge of all facets of the aviation industry.

Beyond Training
Training depends on participants reacting to, and hopefully learning from, the presentation of information and knowledge. ServiceElements’ programs provide information and knowledge, but through discovery, experiential learning and the construction of individual and organizational action lists and plans, you will see behavioral modification- which is core to producing results.