ServiceElements™ Brings New Meaning to the Term “Know Your Customer”
Posted: 6/20/2009

Scottsdale, Ariz. (June, 20, 2009) – At a recent ServiceElements seminar, participants were given a list of people and asked to write down one thing that they knew about each. “When we analyzed everyone’s responses,” said ServiceElements president Bob Hobbi, “we found that virtually everything that had been written down was actually incorrect.That is a problem.”

“The problem,” Hobbi explained, “is that we’re all going around dealing with people based on who we think they are and not who they really are.  With that kind of mismatch, customer service suffers – no matter how much training a company does.”

“It all happens at the subconscious level. People have no idea they’re doing it,” Hobbi said.

To address this perplexing issue, ServiceElements developed a one day workshop to help employees become aware of this phenomenon. It provides them with tools and techniques so they don’t subconsciously slip back into interacting with people based on erroneous assumptions, which often leads to judging customers.

“It’s amazing the number of people who have followed up with us afterward to say they are continually catching themselves falling into the trap,” Hobbi said. “It’s not an easy habit to break, but people can’t break it if they don’t know they have it or realize how it is affecting them, the people around them and their customers.”

The “Know Your Customer” workshop includes a student workbook, videos, interactive and experiential activities and group discussion.

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