ServiceElements Helps Unemployed Flight Department Members Gain Competitive Edge with FREE Customer Service Certification
Posted: 3/3/2009

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (March 3, 2009) – “Differentiation is key for job seekers in what is becoming a very tight aviation job market,” said ServiceElements President, Bob Hobbi.

“Because of that, we are helping unemployed members of our industry gain a professional edge through a free customer service training webinar series,” Hobbi said. “Upon completion, they will be able to demonstrate to potential employers their desire and ability to impact customer satisfaction as they carry out their professional responsibilities.”

The specially-created, live webinar series focuses on integrating customer service strategies and skills into key aviation department organizational positions. Through the training, job seekers will be able to enhance their resume with evidence that they are serious about their profession and the people they serve.

The course was first rolled out and successfully completed by pilots from a flight department that was recently closed.

“Customer service has been brought up several times in my interviews, so this training will be invaluable as I continue my career in corporate flying,” Captain Tim Whalen, a Falcon 2000/Fokker70 Pilot

Sessions are held once a week over a four-week period of time with participants receiving course materials prior to each session.  A certificate is issued upon course completion.

New webinar series are being established as groups and individuals indicate interest by contacting ServiceElements on the company’s website (

“We all need to pitch in and help our industry and our colleagues weather this storm,” Hobbi commented.  “We believe that when a person is skilled in managing customers, whether the customer is ‘in the back,’ or a fellow employee, that person will be a very valuable addition to any business organization.”