The Illusion of Communication
Posted: 2/11/2020

By Lisa Archambeau


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw


Think of the many barriers to communication in our industry:  Physiological – bizav is full of loud environments like the ramp and static-filled headsets where it’s hard to hear and be heard.  Cultural – operating around the globe, language differences can be a challenge.  But far less obvious, and way more dangerous are the assumptions we all make daily.  It’s how an Executive request for a flight to Las Vegas can end up in NV instead of NM as intended (KLAS vs. KLVS).  While it would be great if colleagues, subordinates, leaders, and even loved ones could read our minds, unfortunately most cannot.  Consider the simple, common exchange below:


John (Manager):  “SEI JET needs XYZ. Will you take care of this, please?”


George (Subordinate):  “Sure. I’ve got it.”


There is the illusion that effective communication has taken place…