Successful companies know that one-time seminars do not make them immune from poor levels of service. It takes a commitment to a proactive process of creating awareness and encouraging action that only comes from the continual reinforcement and measurement available through a dedicated program of seminars, workshops, coaching and learning.
Positive customer experiences can drive growth, increased revenues, customer loyalty and positive word of mouth. The ServiceElements "Service Delivery Audit" helps to root out specific day-to-day problems. This in turn will enable everyone at an organization to remain focused on the right issues.
ServiceElements wants to join forces with you to help make this year's meeting the best ever. If you are looking for a powerful motivational speaker who can share solid strategies and bring a collective focus to enhancing your company's service levels, your search is over.
Is your Call Center performing at its best? Call centers represent a very unique window of opportunity for delivering superior levels of service. From help desks to order lines to customer information, interaction over the telephone requires a special set of skills and tactics for ensuring your company's image is being conveyed in excellent fashion through your employees' voices.
While it's your people who provide the customer service, it's the "organization" that drives the people. And sometimes - they're just not in sync. Initiatives don't take hold. You know something is just not right - but you can't quite put your finger on it.
ServiceElements Survey Research & Performance Metrics Program is one of the most powerful and cost-effective strategic tools available for providing superior leadership and decision making. Improved customer satisfaction enhances bottom line by reducing costly mistakes and expensive re-work.