Survey Research & Performance Metrics

It also creates greater potential for increasing service reputation in the industry among current and potential customers, thereby increasing sales and marketing opportunities.ServiceElements, through applied research and propriety software can help companies generate market data and performance metrics in order to create action plans for achieving strategic goals.

The ServiceElements Survey Research & Performance Metrics Program is an in-depth statistical analysis for benchmarking and determining customer satisfaction and can be done through web-based and traditional paper surveys as well as personal interviews.

Some of the capabilities of the Survey Research & Performance Metrics Program:

  • Measures the organization’s success in meeting or exceeding customer expectations in the areas of greatest importance as defined by various customer & user groups.
  • Utilizes Satisfaction, Loyalty & Relative Importance measures to identify and prioritize areas in need of the greatest improvement, development and resource allocation.
  • Generates specific Action Plans for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty – or “customer lock-in”.
  • Creates a road map for improving both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Provides an independent and objective “management services audit” for determining staffing, resource allocation and incentive compensation options as well as capital allocation.

Can your Organization afford to make decisions without Survey Research & Performance Metrics? Call us today for more information.

  • Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction = Measuring Business and Department Performance
  • Benchmarking Employee Engagement = Measuring Individual
  • Performance and Accountability Measurable Results = Metrics for Decision Making

Consulting & Coaching

You’re not alone. With decades of experience, ServiceElements has “been there” and “done that” with many companies that wanted to increase their service levels, but didn’t know where to begin, what to change or who to involve.

Through our consulting and coaching services, ServiceElements is ready to support your needs. From on-going guidance to a thorough, on-site needs analysis and action plan, ServiceElements has the experience and expertise to help you develop strategies and initiate or elevate programs to take your company’s service to a whole new level.

Call and tell us about your needs. We will provide you with a written proposal on how we can help.

Call Center Solutions

There’s no better way of doing this than having Service Elements randomly listen in on calls and evaluate what your customers are hearing from your employees. Service Elements will then establish your company’s service-level benchmark rating, identify system-wide strengths and weaknesses and, if desired, point out any opportunities for individual improvement.

These results are presented and discussed with management, after which, Service Elements designs custom workshops and coaching sessions for call center employees that will reinforce their strengths and address any weaknesses or opportunities for improvement.

The workshops are highly interactive involving a great deal of role playing. Their length is dependent on the information that needs to be covered. Sessions typically have between eight and 30 people.

Keynote Presentations

Call us. Tell us about your meeting. Your attendees. Your needs. We will be delighted to work with you in creating a keynote session that will inspire everyone and be remembered.

We will have your audience fully engaged, entertained, challenged and inspired to achieve greatness in the workplace. Front-line employees, sales professionals, managers and supervisors have all become better at what they do as a result of listening to and soaking up the passion of ServiceElements keynote speakers.

Among ServiceElements’ keynote speakers is Tom Whittaker, who has been recognized by the Queen of England for his ability to embrace change, take responsibility for outcomes, and to drive forward with integrity and passion.

This year, you too can ensure your attendees have their hearts and souls behind their commitment to serving your customers. It’s why meeting planners continue to rely on ServiceElements.

Service Delivery Audits

Take advantage of the ServiceElements “Service Delivery Audit” to find out how close you are to “getting it right.” This allows you to build on the good within your system while taking aim at the service areas that are impacting your competitive advantage. The Service Delivery Audit is designed specifically for flight departments, FBO’s, maintenance shops, MRO’s, charter management and aerospace companies.

The ServiceElements Service Delivery Audit

The ServiceElements Service Delivery Audit is a 3-Phase, in-depth process for auditing an organization’s service culture to understand precisely what is working well…and what is not.

1. Discovery/Data Collection

Methods: onsite observation; phone and one-on-one interviews with leadership, management, front line and customers/passengers; team and voice of the customer surveys; existing document analysis.

2. Analysis

ServiceElements strategists will utilize their experience and industry knowledge to compile all aspects of the data collected during the discovery phase to build a baseline for the organization’s service culture.

3. Feedback/”State of the Service Delivery State”

Leadership will receive a comprehensive feedback report based upon the compilation of all data, as well as a scoring of where their organization falls on the Service Delivery Scorecard.

Customized Seminars & Workshops

ServiceElements can segment its customized workshops by employee skill levels. As an example:
  • Frontline, entry-level and/or newly hired personnel. Or as a starting strategy for building a service platform.
  • Mid-level supervisors, managers and new project managers with some knowledge and background in a service leadership environment.
  • Upper and mid-level managers with customer service experience who are in search of new methods to enhance service delivery.
ServiceElements’ customized seminars and workshops will give your employees:
  • The ability to work smarter not just harder
  • The skills to be more effective communicators and more successful in daily interactions
  • New clarity on company benefits and features
  • A focus on your company’s true purpose and goals
  • The confidence to help your organization excel.
  • The ability to work smarter not just harder.
  • The skills to be more effective communicators and more successful in daily interactions
  • New clarity on company benefits and features
  • A focus on your company’s true purpose and goals
  • The confidence to help your organization excel.
The high levels of interaction in the customized seminars and workshops require between eight and 30 participants. The program duration is dependent on the information that needs to be conveyed.
ServiceElements also does workshops and presentations for various Conferences and other Public Venues.