Elements of Programs & Services
From call centers, to face-to-face customer interaction, to executive management, companies that are serious about fully integrating superior service into their corporate values and culture turn to ServiceElements for results.
Call Center Solutions
Is your Call Center performing at its best? Call centers represent a very unique window of opportunity for delivering superior levels of service. From help desks to order lines to customer information, interaction over the telephone requires a special set of skills and tactics for ensuring your company's image is being conveyed in excellent fashion through your employees' voices.

There’s no better way of doing this than having Service Elements randomly listen in on calls and evaluate what your customers are hearing from your employees. Service Elements will then establish your company’s service-level benchmark rating, identify system-wide strengths and weaknesses and, if desired, point out any opportunities for individual improvement.

These results are presented and discussed with management, after which, Service Elements designs custom workshops and coaching sessions for call center employees that will reinforce their strengths and address any weaknesses or opportunities for improvement.

The workshops are highly interactive involving a great deal of role playing. Their length is dependent on the information that needs to be covered. Sessions typically have between eight and 30 people.