Elements of Programs & Services
From call centers, to face-to-face customer interaction, to executive management, companies that are serious about fully integrating superior service into their corporate values and culture turn to ServiceElements for results.
Service Delivery Audits
Positive customer experiences can drive growth, increased revenues, customer loyalty and positive word of mouth. The ServiceElements "Service Delivery Audit" helps to root out specific day-to-day problems. This in turn will enable everyone at an organization to remain focused on the right issues.

Take advantage of the ServiceElements “Service Delivery Audit” to find out how close you are to “getting it right.” This allows you to build on the good within your system while taking aim at the service areas that are impacting your competitive advantage. The Service Delivery Audit is designed specifically for flight departments, FBO’s, maintenance shops, MRO’s, charter management and aerospace companies.

The ServiceElements Service Delivery Audit

The ServiceElements Service Delivery Audit is a 3-Phase, in-depth process for auditing an organization’s service culture to understand precisely what is working well…and what is not.

1. Discovery/Data Collection

Methods: onsite observation; phone and one-on-one interviews with leadership, management, front line and customers/passengers; team and voice of the customer surveys; existing document analysis.

2. Analysis

ServiceElements strategists will utilize their experience and industry knowledge to compile all aspects of the data collected during the discovery phase to build a baseline for the organization’s service culture.

3. Feedback/”State of the Service Delivery State”

Leadership will receive a comprehensive feedback report based upon the compilation of all data, as well as a scoring of where their organization falls on the Service Delivery Scorecard.