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From call centers, to face-to-face customer interaction, to executive management, companies that are serious about fully integrating superior service into their corporate values and culture turn to ServiceElements for results.
Survey Research & Performance Metrics
ServiceElements Survey Research & Performance Metrics Program is one of the most powerful and cost-effective strategic tools available for providing superior leadership and decision making. Improved customer satisfaction enhances bottom line by reducing costly mistakes and expensive re-work.

It also creates greater potential for increasing service reputation in the industry among current and potential customers, thereby increasing sales and marketing opportunities.ServiceElements, through applied research and propriety software can help companies generate market data and performance metrics in order to create action plans for achieving strategic goals.

The ServiceElements Survey Research & Performance Metrics Program is an in-depth statistical analysis for benchmarking and determining customer satisfaction and can be done through web-based and traditional paper surveys as well as personal interviews.

Some of the capabilities of the Survey Research & Performance Metrics Program:

  • Measures the organization’s success in meeting or exceeding customer expectations in the areas of greatest importance as defined by various customer & user groups.
  • Utilizes Satisfaction, Loyalty & Relative Importance measures to identify and prioritize areas in need of the greatest improvement, development and resource allocation.
  • Generates specific Action Plans for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty – or “customer lock-in”.
  • Creates a road map for improving both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Provides an independent and objective “management services audit” for determining staffing, resource allocation and incentive compensation options as well as capital allocation.

Can your Organization afford to make decisions without Survey Research & Performance Metrics? Call us today for more information.

  • Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction = Measuring Business and Department Performance
  • Benchmarking Employee Engagement = Measuring Individual
  • Performance and Accountability Measurable Results = Metrics for Decision Making