Change Management

Change is a constant in Business and General Aviation.

The business aviation world is continuously evolving and adapting. Our industry, now more than ever before, is facing a pace of change which is unprecedented.

  • How do you stay ahead of change?
  • How do we respond appropriately to the changes around us?
  • How do we manage change to help and not hurt us?
  • How do we encourage our teams to embrace change?
  • How do we frame change to fit our particular needs?
  • How do we avoid the traps of changing for the sake of changing?
  • How do we operationalize change?

There are many issues related to changes. Technological advancements, including automation, are facilitating and accelerating an environment of constant change in data management, workflow, job functions, people management, work/life balance, etc. This is creating an abundance of choices for all of us and is also increasing the complexity of decision making.

ServiceElements’ team has been engaged in the art of change management and helping people, teams, companies and organizations navigate the complex maze of changes in the aerospace and business and general aviation industry for over 18 years.

Managing change is now a permanent part of our future

Anticipated Outcome

With help, engagement and support of leadership, here are improvements and results to expect from a Change Management program:

  • Define a culture anticipating change
  • How to dissect components of change to operationalize the outcome
  • Understanding the different stages of change management
  • With long-term programs, a tangible impact of successful change management
  • An attitude of embracing change
  • Defining the “as is” picture and painting the future of what we need it “to be”
  • Implementing proactive service tools
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of change implementation
  • Measure the cost of not changing
  • How to be brave enough to reverse change when it didn’t work

Long term commitments will help ensure the permanency of the culture and behavior.

Business people shaking hands in front of a corporate jet