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2023 Schedule

  • February 20-22  |  Atlanta Learning Center
  • March 20-22  |  Teterboro Learning Center
  • April 24-26  |  Long Beach Learning Center
  • June 5-7  |  West Palm Beach Learning Center
  • July 17-19  |  Teterboro Learning Center
  • August 14-16  |  Seattle Learning Center
  • November 6-8  |  Dallas North Learning Center
  • December 11-13  |  Long Beach Learning Center

Leadership Elements for Aviation Professionals is designed to help today and tomorrow’s aviation leaders.

Flight Departments and other aviation organizations often rate technical competency as the most important reason to promote employees to a leadership role. And many aviation professionals rate their own technical abilities as far superior to their people-related skills and abilities. However, with the advent of new technologies, increasing customer expectations, and the complexity of multiple generations in the workplace, the value proposition for business aviation organizations is changing, and the leadership must be prepared to lead.

This three-day leadership boot camp dives into the environment of all department managers through several lenses of leadership and team building, while addressing critical challenges and opportunities for growth.

Target Audience

  • Pilots
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Flight Attendants
  • Dispatchers/Schedulers
  • Sales, Finance, Administration, etc.
  • Anyone in business aviation.


Next Level Interpersonal, Leadership & Professional Skills (NLS)

Boot Camp Course Description – 2 Day Course:

Aviation Interpersonal Skills is designed to equip aviation professionals of all roles with the essential interpersonal skills all too often left out of traditional technical training. Effective communication with teammates and “higher-ups” in business aviation requires a high degree of intentionality and professionalism. Whether writing an email, planning a meeting, or making a presentation, the way in which we communicate is as important as the content, and getting it wrong can cost your organization a lot. Professionalism in attitude, appearance and conduct will be examined. In today’s volatile workforce environment where customers, employees and jobs can disappear quickly, this two-day interactive workshop provides the tools, techniques and methodologies to increase productivity and improve morale, decreasing the time and money wasted addressing operational issues.

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