About ServiceElements

ServiceElements International Inc. is the premier business aviation organizational and people development company focusing on behavioral and interpersonal advancement. SEI has an extensive history working with organizations from all corners of the aerospace, business and general aviation, and hospitality industries to help elevate the power of excellent service.

Increase your value proposition when it comes to passengers, customers, and users. Strengthen  your service culture and develop future leadership.

ServiceElements leverages a variety of methods to work with individuals, departments, and other teams to help them achieve higher performance levels while having fun at work. SEI utilizes customized onsite and virtual workshops, coaching, and open enrollment events for the most effective learning experience.

Why choose us

Save Time

Accelerate your organizational and cultural development. Training enhances teamwork, raising productivity

Increase Revenues

Increase your company’s revenues through enhanced team efficiencies, whether your organization is for profit or not

Lower Expenses

Reduce service issues that result in costly rework, workarounds and refunds

Attract & Retain Talent

Employers with a vibrant culture who keep their teams engaged and offer professional development opportunities are more likely to attract and retain talent

Industry Expertise

Just like you, ServiceElements’ key focus is Business and General Aviation. Our team of experts is from all corners of this industry, unlike competitors in the hospitality and amusement arenas

Innovative Learning Techniques

We have adapted and developed unique organizational enhancement tools and methods, tailored to the aerospace and business and general aviation industry.

Our mission

Organizations in business aviation often focus only on technical training, yet expect their people to be leaders and customer service experts too.   As a customer service industry, business aviation will always be challenged with people issues.

Established in 2003, ServiceElements has a global reach, providing the tools, techniques, and learning environment for organizations to develop, enhance and maintain a service culture, and for individuals to develop and strengthen the core (aka soft) skills necessary to strategically interact with those around them.

  • Balance Safety and Service
  • Become indispensable
  • Increase revenues
  • Learn time-saving efficiencies
  • Grow future leadership
  • Increase team engagement

Our team