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As a natural byproduct of learning, ServiceElements has established guidelines to augment our programs with Coaching. One of the challenges that we all face is turning learned information into tangible action. ServiceElements’ coaching programs are designed to help facilitate dynamic learning and the collaborative creation of action items which can be implemented to help operationalize specific ideas. Our goal is to provide our customers with additional tools to turn theory into realistic actionable steps to help reap the benefits of the learning points.

Who should be coached?

  • Executive Leadership
  • All levels of leadership, e.g. Directors of Aviation, Directors of Maintenance, Chief Pilots, Lead Captains, Line Supervisors, Operations Managers, Account Managers, etc.
  • Front line team members
  • Call center operators
  • Technically focused job team members
  • Administrative team members
  • Pilots
  • Aircraft Technicians
  • Dispatchers and Schedulers
  • Flight and Cabin Attendants
  • We coach to help enhance individual performance
  • We coach to help improve results
  • We coach to help resolve difficult and challenging relationships

Our coaching staff is well experienced in the art of developing a strategic plan to help bring to fruition and implement positive and productive change. We review purpose of actions. We review the desired outcome. We question and help guide the path to success. We question balancing results with the investment.

One of the most effective coaching tools is to help establish the “why” of things. In today’s dynamic business and general aviation environment, there are many paths to achieve goals. Helping select the right path is a very potent tool which yields a higher degree of success in accomplishing goals or completing projects.

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