Customer Service

What do you value in a service provider?  What do your customers value?  High ranking executives, high net worth individuals and other clients may seem to have higher demands, but often their expectations are similar to our own, e.g. anticipating needs, attention to detail, shared sense of urgency, responsiveness to inquiries, requests, problems, etc.

Enhance your customers’ experience through excellence in customer service.  Explore how customer expectations are built, examining factors like personality, needs, values, and motivations.  Learn new methods for information gathering, planning, and communication to uncover, manage and exceed customer expectations.  With an emphasis on leveraging your team and internal processes, discover unique ways to make it easy for your customers to choose and use your services.

  • Balancing processes and procedures with human factors
  • Building a culture of service
  • Customer bill of rights
  • Defining and refining service excellence
  • Difficult interactions
  • Internal/external customers
  • Managing customers
  • Managing expectations
  • Proactive service
  • Relationship based service
  • Selecting core service values

Anticipated Outcome

With help, engagement and support of leadership, here are improvements and results to expect from a Customer Service program:

  • Consistency of service delivery
  • Elevated service excellence
  • An engaged and active team
  • With long-term programs, a tangible shift in the culture
  • An attitude of customer first
  • A focus on techniques to manage customers
  • Implementing proactive service tools
  • Implementing reactive service tools
  • Motivated service provider
  • Measurable customer service

Long term commitments will help ensure the permanency of the culture and behavior.