Highly Effective Teams

Today’s business and general aviation work processes, job functions and the complexities of user expectations, create a condition which makes it impossible NOT to have great teamwork. Not just good teamwork, but it must be GREAT!!

The business aviation world is riddled with more options and alternatives. It is constantly evolving and adapting. Our industry, more than ever before, is facing a pace of fluid movement which we have never seen or experienced before. Workflow continues to be challenging and complex. The flexibility which we offer our customers, users, and PAX challenges us with ever complex goals and objectives. Every work, job and business interaction is unique and has distinct characteristics. We are in the age of mass customization.

The only way we can meet these challenges, is by having a new dimension of teamwork. Today’s teams must elevate and take on an unparalleled challenge of workflow, we have never seen before. Our team members must recognize that we no longer have the old comforts of “hey as long as I do my job, I’m safe”. The fact is that none of us is safe if we don’t work together and eliminate the traditional job function barriers. The traditional “silo” or divisions between departments and job functions is an absolute path to failure.

There are a number of elements related to teamwork. ServiceElements is able to highlight the challenges of traditional team concepts with new and more current team activities. Teams today have to learn to become less boundary focused and more flexible with work processes, while staying focused on the end result and goal. Teamwork is also a terrific efficiency tool in our organizations. We will elevate your team’s capabilities by targeting the critical aspects of customer expectations with workflow. We address the notion that although the job functions are very distinct, we need to stay focused on the final outcome of culmination or all or our work as a team.

ServiceElements’ team has been engaged in the art of team building and helping groups, companies and organizations navigate the ever more complex necessities of teamwork in our industry.

  • Identifying team strengths and weaknesses
  • Team goals and objectives
  • Team one-pageness
  • Team common cause
  • Team common evaluations and results
  • Remote teamwork
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict management
  • Inclusiveness
  • Diverse teams
  • Co-accountability

Anticipated Outcome

With help, engagement and support of leadership, here are improvements and results to expect from a Highly Effective Teams program:

  • Teamwork as an instrument of healthy and happy workplace
  • Individual and personalized team actions
  • What role do you play on your team?
  • Are team goals and objectives the primary driver of the team
  • Individual and team evaluation alignment
  • Addressing the impact of remote work on team
  • The challenge of inclusiveness
  • The meaning of true diversity
  • Team accountability versus individual goals
  • How to resolve conflict with the least amount of disruption for the team

Long term commitments will help ensure the permanency of the culture and behavior.