No Excuse Sales

Sales in business aviation is often a long and drawn out process.  Even transactional sales may require a relationship be established before a closing takes place.  Learn to gather the individual components required in sales to create a standardized process designed to identify and meet your customers’ needs, shortening the sales cycle.  Examine your service(s) through both internal and external lenses, recognizing position with respect to winning each prospect, discussing sources of information and the role of “gatekeepers” and other key contacts.

Review professional communication and the importance of setting the stage for your potential client, making it easy for them to choose you.

  • Authority and empathy
  • Continuing the relationship
  • Customer viewpoint: benefits vs. features
  • Identifying needs and wants
  • Influencers, decision makers and other stakeholders
  • Negotiations
  • Networking
  • Powerful questions
  • Sales as a service
  • Selling by telephone
  • Strategy based selling
  • Unearthing sales opportunities

Anticipated Outcome

With help, engagement and support of leadership, here are improvements and results to expect from a No Excuse Sales program:

  • Selling is providing a service
  • How to uncover sales opportunities
  • How to define needs and wants of organizations and individuals
  • With long-term programs, a tangible shift in revenues
  • Increasing sales through volume management
  • Defining and distinguishing features versus benefits
  • How to pick and choose sales techniques
  • Reading audiences
  • Uncovering decision makers and influencers
  • Composing effective sales questions

Long term commitments will help ensure the permanency of the culture and behavior.