Organizational Innovation

Business aviation is a continuously changing industry, expanding in complexity as it grows.  To meet these challenges, organizations need to innovate and evolve to meet the needs of their customers and the industry as whole.  Nothing stays the same, so to succeed, organizations need a culture of innovation to adapt to their customers’ changing demands and shift the value proposition accordingly.  However, innovation requires thought, analysis and planning to conceptualize and implement operationally.

Our industry is riddled with regulations, procedures and other guidelines which would seemingly hinder any creativity or transformation. This program is designed to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of how the Business and General Aviation industry is evolving and changing, as well as providing tools and skills to adapt to these shifts and movements.

  • Aligning goals of innovation with the organization’s goals and mission 
  • Avoiding change for the sake of change 
  • Components of innovation: process, people, culture, goals 
  • Disruptions are inevitable with innovation 
  • How to predict disruptions and plan for mitigating them
  • Innovation and change management 
  • Predicting and mitigating disruptions 
  • Review the need for innovation 
  • The Human Factors of innovation

Anticipated Outcome

With help, engagement and support of leadership, here are improvements and results to expect from a Organizational Innovation program:

  • Recognition of the need for innovation
  • As changes continue to be constant, innovation is a necessity
  • Innovation helps to encourage engagement for the team
  • With long-term programs, learn to avoid misguided change
  • An attitude of innovation
  • A focus on encouraging useful innovation when needed
  • Innovation management
  • Start with the expected outcome of innovation
  • Innovations will almost always result in disruption
  • Measuring innovation outcomes

Long term commitments will help ensure the permanency of the culture and behavior.