What Our Clients Say

ServiceElements is proud of the many relationships that it has built over the years with its small, medium and large international corporate clients. The company’s success in bringing new standards to the customer service industry are reflected in the many comments we receive back from our clients – including those below:

Jeff Wofford

Director of Aviation at CommScope

The PDP I attended with you in 2015 was one of the most valuable things I have done. We have put many of the things we talked about into play and our department is performing even better than it was. We have had significant improvement in our employee engagement.

John Langevin

Senior VP and General Manager, Jet Aviation

We took Ritz Carlton’s training program eighteen months ago and the ServiceElements program is by far more focused and productive.

Jim Taylor

Chief Pilot, Limited Brands

This is a great program. No one has ever done this in aviation. It is essential in our industry and we are going to be a continuing customer of ServiceElements.

Rick Schwartz

Director of Flight Operations, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Our company has a great deal of focus on service. However, we have always benefitted from ServiceElements’ programs and their focus on a service culture.

Christian Sasfai

Vice President and COO, TAC Air

We set out to elevate our Service Culture. We have partnered with ServiceElements and have never looked back. The team at SEI has a great insight on working with our FBO group. A lot of people claim to train people. We have found a partner in ServiceElements that knows about adult learning and how to improve a business

Jacques Blondeau

former Vice President Global MRO Services, Embraer

We attribute a large portion of our team’s rise to the top of the rating lists for Best Aftermarket Service Provider to the many years of work and association with ServiceElements. They have a unique and refreshing process in helping to develop and improve our service focus. Thank you SEI gang!

Don Joseph

Aircraft Services Network, Inc.

Thank you for your presentation “Enhancing Flight Department & Business Aircraft Value”. Most impressive as it really comes down to the people value and you expressed that in your enthusiasm. I viewed some of the articles you have written on your web site and there is a treasure chest of information in your words. I learned a great deal from you about Service and the Elements behind what makes that great!

Ken Forester

CEO, Meridian

After twenty successful years as a franchisee in the Milion Air chain, we have decided to combine our FBO, charter, aircraft management, and jet maintenance division under the Meridian brand. The thread that binds us together is a culture of customer service excellence. We are confident that our partnership with ServiceElements will help us to insure that we consistently deliver a truly extraordinary experience, leaving our customers welcomed, well cared for, and confident that they made a smart choice.

Scott Ashton

President, AAG Associated Aircraft Group, a Lockheed Martin company

ServiceElements’ programs have truly helped transform our business. Our customer satisfaction improved; our employee satisfaction improved; and our business improved. The return on investment has been tremendous

Anonymous feedback from the workshop critiques:

Workshop Participant

Everyone should attend this program. Excellent for managing today's challenges.

Workshop Participant

This is a very refreshing way of dealing and managing our industry's challenges today.

Workshop Participant

I learned a lot--- and I am energized. That is unusual for aviation training.

Workshop Participant

This training was like no other I have received. The class was beneficial to assisting supervisors in business aviation. I highly recommend this class to anyone in a management position to help deal with the different scenarios.

Workshop Participant

Very effective. I will be sending other high potential team members from our Flight Department.

Workshop Participant

Great movement in flow in the workshop. Using various methods to create a learning environment.

Workshop Participant

Really didn't expect this workshop. I was ready for a boring 3 days, instead it was the fastest 3 days of learning I have ever had.

Workshop Participant

This was one of the most dynamic training sessions I have ever had. Well done.

Leadership Review

I think ServiceElements is on to something with discussing Safety & Service.

Leadership Review

So often we are looking at our work as the focal point. It was good to be able to step back and understand the business.

Leadership Review

The discussion of teamwork in your presentations resonated with everyone and is obviously an area where growth is possible.

Leadership Review

Your message was extremely clear and on point for this audience.

President of Charter Management Company

The learning techniques are unique and ‘hit home’ with our people.

Chief Pilot/Manager of Flight Department

This was a great approach to re-thinking the value proposition we bring to our customers.

Vice President of a Technology Company

Loved the videos!

Manager of Scheduling and Dispatch

Many people talk about these topics, but these guys really know what a day in our life is like and how it should flow.

Flight Department Pilots

So much of what we do is about teamwork. I like the strong emphasis on working well together.

Pilot, owner operator

Great points about Organizational Resource Management (ORM) and communications.

Business and General Aviation Airport Manager

Usually we take employees for granted. I have seen a big different in their engagement.

Line Service Manager at an international FBO

This program takes a deep dive into some ‘tough’ topics, but the outcome is great.

CSR at a flight handling company

Dealing with people on the phone is a tough challenge, but ServiceElements gave me some great tips.

Vice President HR for a large Aviation Support company

ServiceElements really understands our business.

Manager of flight operations

WOW! Love the part about dealing with difficult customers.

General Manager for an FBO

We have used many different types of training providers. But this is the 1st time we saw real impact and action.

Supervisor for an FBO

Michelle kept our attention and was very patient!

CSR at an FBO

Christine introduced new tools that are useful to me in managing customers.

VP of Ops for a Maintenance Shop

We actually resolved some long-standing problems and challenges (that’s worth a lot to me!)

CFO, for a large charter management company

Great energy and enthusiasm. I walked out motivated.

Chief Pilot for a 5 aircraft operation

Really enjoyed the presentation style and the passion.

Leadership Review

Based on all the feedback that I have heard, the presentation was superior, the messages were on point, and overall this was not only a home run, it was a GRAND SLAM!

Technician for a 2 aircraft operation

I have always been scared of roleplaying. But it was actually FUN and I learned from it.

Director of Sales for an OEM

We have been using ServiceElements for many years. It has a direct, positive impact on our sales.

Sales professional for an OEM

It was great to interact in a facilitated environment with my team.

CSR for TAC Air

A different way of learning.

Line Service Tech for a large FBO chain

I never realized what my co-workers do in their jobs until ServiceElements’ workshop.

DOM, for a multi-aircraft operation

I like the way the way Bob drives us to come up with our own answers.

Scheduler & Dispatcher

Not an easy topic in our industry, but very well presented.

Maintenance Technician for an MRO

This training was all about the life I live at work. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well they related to my work and job, very good

Pilot for a charter management company

Wow, awesome program. I am invigorated, motivated and ready to take on the challenges of dealing with people

Pilot for a Fortune 50 flight department

I have been through many training programs in my long career. ServiceElements’ workshop was by far the most modern and relevant program I have ever experienced. These folks really have something new to offer...especially for an old crusty pilot like me