Sir Thomas Whittaker

Sir Thomas WhittakerFacilitator & Strategist

Sir Thomas Whittaker

Tom Whittaker provides your employees with a new sense of passion and purpose to their lives and their professions. As a result of his life’s experiences and his ability to share them with groups of people at a very personal level, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, honored Tom Whittaker in November 2006 by awarding him the most Excellent Order of the British Empire at a Royal Investiture in Buckingham Palace.

Since 1973 Tom Whittaker, author of “Higher Purpose” has been in the forefront of human development programming on three continents. He specializes in customizing teamwork and leadership education that builds self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to be highly effective as a team member or a team leader.

In 1998, he successfully led an expedition to climb Mount Everest, and stepped into history as the first disabled person to stand on the “Roof of the World”. For eight years Tom Whittaker has provided the business community with motivational speaking and training services. IBM, DELL, Merrill Lynch and NASA are some of the organizations he has inspired to embrace change, take responsibility for outcomes, and to drive forward with integrity and passion.

His signature team building and leadership training process, is called Action Centered Coaching. ACC is a compilation of techniques gained from 30 years of teaching leadership, communication skills, problem solving, decision making, teamwork and confidence training. As an educator, innovator and expert in human achievement, Tom Whittaker will help your people tap into the limitless resources they have as individuals, team members and leaders.

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